Products are their producers

There is no haute cuisine without knowledge of the product and a respect for tradition. Our producers, selected with care and attention, are friends and fundamental partners ensuring the quality of our cuisine.

In an urban environment where it is increasingly difficult to find wholesome, natural products from local producers, appreciating and promoting rural simplicity, natural quality and traditional production processes become a form of cultural resistance.
        The industrialization of production systems, which mainly concerns urban areas, has greatly diminished the relationship between the consumer and the nature of the product.
        Food, considered a mere commodity in recent years, loses the qualities that have always distinguished it.
Eating, in fact, is an act that should unite humans and nature, and this is why we must we must be extremely interested in the supply chain and the origin of what we cook.         In our opinion, skills, techniques and products must be considered elements to be defended and preserved so we do not risk losing quality and integrity.
        In a changing world it is therefore a good idea to promote and protect traditional production processes that are also proof of a cultural identity that is based on the territory but, above all, is made up of people.

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