Three female partners, one goal

Altatto was born from the meeting of three chefs in the temple of Milanese vegetarian cuisine: the Joia restaurant of Pietro Leemann.

This restaurant, with its cuisine full of ideas and inspiration, was the birthplace of an ambitious project: to offer high quality vegetarian cuisine at important events for discerning clients to satisfy everyone's taste while respecting our planet.  A love of nature and deep appreciation of small producers guide and inspire the daily work of Altatto. 

Through their great friendship and shared objectives, Cinzia, Giulia and Sara are working together and focusing on growth so that more clients will fall in love with vegetarian cooking and they will be able to subsequently finance many small virtuous businesses that collaborate in this project and their continuous search for taste and beauty.

Vegea S.N.C. di Scialanga G.,
De Lauri C. E. e Nicolosi S.
P.IVA 09111170966
Via Comune Antico, 15

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